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What will I be doing as a Beni Band Member?

A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Kidding. Kinda. In all seriousness, this is your opportunity to develop and hone your skills across a variety of functions and to be as involved as you wish. We currently have three tiers of Beni Band Members based on level of engagement:

  • Members have the most flexibility in the level of engagement they can commit to the Beni Band. This role is for those who want to participate in the program but may not have the bandwidth to dedicate as much time as the other roles. They're responsible for supporting and sharing social posts and bringing Beni to their personal social networks, as well as participating in various challenges throughout the quarter (i.e. assisting in content creation, conducting surveys for the product team, etc.)

  •  Managers are the highly engaged members who wish to develop tangible skillsets in specific areas. They get to choose between Content and Product paths and work closely with Beni team members in each of those functions. They have the opportunity to participate in and listen in on conversations and meetings with Beni team members, as well as own specific initiatives (i.e. inform social media strategy or assist with UX interviews).

  •  Directors function as paid interns at Beni on an hourly basis (appx. 5-10 hours per week). Those who have served as Managers for at least a month have the opportunity to apply to be a Director the following quarter. Directors are predominantly responsible for activating Beni on campus (i.e. host events, recruit new members, etc.) and liaising between their campus chapter and Beni leadership.


What are the perks of being in the Beni Band?

In addition to getting an inside look at what it takes to operate a high-growth, purpose driven startup on a mission to reduce shopping’s impact on the planet, Beni Band Members get:

  • Access to resources, information and support as you develop tangible skills in brand building, social media and product marketing, content creation, product development and more.

  • A flexible way to earn extra income (+ Beni swag!!) while doing something good for the planet.

  • The chance to attend exclusive panels with experts knowledgeable about launching, funding and scaling startups, careers in fashion and the future of resale...just to name a few.

  • First access to Beni product updates and future job openings.

  • Founding member status in a growing community that shares similar values and helps you grow professionally in a way like no other.

  • The opportunity to share insights that could have a lasting impact on a high-growth business.

What’s the time commitment of being in the Beni Band?

As with most things, you get what you give. While there is no minimum time required, you’ll only truly reap the benefits of being a Beni Band Member if you get involved and participate. We’ll also be sending out quarterly opt-ins to ensure existing members are engaged.

Can I put this role on my LinkedIn?

Of course, you're one of us now! First and foremost, make sure you’re following Beni on LinkedIn. Then, on your LinkedIn, add the position to your Experience section:

  • Title: Beni Band Member

  • Company name: Beni

  • Location: Your School’s Location

​How do I find out if I’m accepted?

Beni Band Members will be notified of their acceptance on a rolling basis each quarter via email from a member of our team.  Each admit will receive instructions on how to confirm their acceptance.

How long will I be a Beni Band Member?

Beni Band Members will serve for at least one quarter. Upon completion of the program, highly engaged members will have the opportunity to continue the program as managers or directors depending on their interest and level of engagement. 

Ready to Join the Beni Band?

Join us in our mission to reduce shopping's burden on the planet and apply now. 

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