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Beni Finds: Secondhand Halloween Costumes (for Adults)

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Halloween is around the corner and we are all looking for the best money saving hacks for a costume that leaves you with pieces you can still wear past October 31. Check out our 5 DIY costumes this year that you’ll want to spend money on. All found secondhand while using Beni.

Make sure you download the Beni extension before you start shopping to find relevant secondhand alternatives.

Rosie The Riveter: This outfit will make you feel empowered all while staying comfortable and excited about a new “jean tux” you can wear for years to come. Our first item is the classic red bandana. Found with Beni on Madewell and purchased through eBay.

Next, you’ll need the perfect jean shirt and pants to finalize the look. The jean shirt was found with Beni on L.L. Bean and purchased through Kidizen and jean pants were found on ae and purchased through eBay.


Baby from Dirty Dancing: If Dirty Dancing isn’t in your top 10 favorite movies it might be time to embody Baby this Halloween to change your tune. This outfit is fun, flirty, and simple. Our first item is a white T found with Beni on Old Navy and purchased through eBay.

Lastly, we’ll need those 90 style jean shorts to seal the deal. Found with Beni on Cider and purchased through eBay.


Belle from Beauty and The Beast: We all love Disney and the joy it brings to all. Belle is one of our favorite characters and this year we’ve found the best secondhand alternatives you’ll want to keep wearing. Our first item is a blue dress found with Beni on Lilly Pulitzer and purchased through Vestiaire Collective.

In light of keeping items in circulation, you can purchase the same white button down from our “Baby” outfit above. Sourced on Old Navy and purchased through eBay. All you’ll need is your kitchen apron and a few of your favorite novels to finalize this look.


Marty McFly: The 90s are back so this outfit will keep you in style and on trend. To start, here is the classic McFly red vest found with Beni on Jc Penney and purchased through Grailed.

Next we’ll need to add in the layers, starting with a blue button down found with Beni on Landsend and purchased through Grailed.

Continuing with the McFly layers we’ll want to find the perfect jean jacket and matching jean pants to complete the look. Here are our favorite options found with Beni on Levi’s. Starting with this Levi jacket purchased through Vestiaire Collective and ending with these Levi jeans purchased through Grailed.


Fresh Prince: Speaking of the 90s, here is another favorite look that gives you a fun attitude we are all craving over Halloween. Starting with the cap found with Beni on Amazon and purchased through Grailed.

Lastly we’ll need the perfect black sunnies found with Beni on Revolve and purchased through eBay and bright shirt on Pacsun purchased through Grailed.