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Beni Finds: Secondhand Halloween Costumes (for Kids)

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Halloween is here and every parent is wondering how they can get resourceful on a budget for their kids' new wild outfit idea. That’s where we come in. Beni is here to help you find all the creative pieces you need to put together the most unique and ultimate costume to meet your kids imagination.

Make sure you download the Beni extension before you start shopping to find relevant secondhand alternatives.

The Knight: This simple outfit might already be in your closet! Regardless of your kids age we have tons of secondhand grey sweatsuit alternatives for you to buy for this piece. Found with Beni when starting our shopping journey on Old Navy, and purchased through Kidizen.

Bride of Frankenstein: This outfit calls for layers. Check out our 3 piece set found with Beni. Our first piece is the dress, found when starting our shopping journey on J Crew, and purchased through eBay.

Lastly, you’ll need a pair of white tights found on Gap and purchased on Kidizen and white long sleeve found on Target and purchased through eBay.

Cheetah: Look no further, this kids outfit is found in every size and color simply by searching for halloween costumes online with Beni and checking out secondhand. Our favorite look was sourced when starting our shopping journey on Old Navy and checking out with eBay or Kidizen.

Minnie Mouse: Another score where Beni easily sources secondhand alternatives for costumes you are looking for online. We searched “Minnie Mouse” on Amazon and found tons of secondhand alternatives from sites like eBay and Kidizen.

Spiderman: No need to buy on Amazon any longer when Beni seamlessly provides you with better secondhand alternatives while in the flow of shopping. Check out our favorite Spiderman costumes from Amazon and purchased on eBay.

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