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Where to shop secondhand this summer

Wanting to shop second hand this summer, but don't know where to start? Our goal here at Beni is to make second hand shopping effortless, but the re-commerce space can be hard to navigate. Here are the deets on some of our "Beni approved" re-commerce platforms to help simplify your online shopping experience!

Ahh... the beloved Poshmark. Poshmark is a social commerce marketplace where users can post their used and new clothing. Poshmark allows you to buy directly from individual sellers, which a large inventory that caters to any consumer.


  • Buyers have the opportunity to offer to buy at a price below the listing price

  • Huge amount of inventory - you have a pretty good chance of finding something good if you dig

  • Sellers have flexibility in the listing - good sellers will provide a lot of detailed information


  • Huge amount of inventory - it can feel intimidating and require hours of scrolling

  • Sellers have flexibility in the listing - there is no consistency in how items are listed

  • You have to create a profile to buy and they can be a little aggressive with emails after you sign up (but you can adjust notifications in your settings)


  • Most sellers don’t actually check the box for a subcategory (i.e. “mini” for “dress”) so you will get more hits if you use the keyword search or go by the pictures

Hot Take:

  • Poshmark continues to position itself as a “social commerce marketplace” - this means they are set up for shoppers who are interested in and willing to spend the time to chat back and forth with buyers, do their own digging, and make the experience their own.

Returns? No, all sales are final.


thredUp is an online consignment and thrift store where you can buy and sell high-quality secondhand clothes. thredUp has advanced filters and a large inventory to help those shopping by brand!


  • thredUp offers discounts & coupon codes - First time thredUp buyer discount up to 50% off!

  • Referral bonus: give them $10 and you get $10 when they make their first purchase.

  • “There is a huge inventory on their site. You can (sometimes) find multiples of one item, which is a bonus if you’re looking for a specific condition or size.”


  • There's only a few pictures of the items making it a bit hard to see details or flaws in the clothing pieces.

  • Seller perspective: will get a smaller cut for items sold vs. selling directly to the customer, the price you pay for the convenience of thredUp doing the selling work for you.


  • Stick with brands you to know to help gauge sizing

  • Utilize the filters! Brand, size, price, style, etc.

  • The platform allows you to save your favorite items and turn on notifications for them!

Hot Take:

  • thredUp provides a large inventory and seamless buying experience to truly make second hand shopping convenient. Taking the time to adjust filters and checking the site for new arrivals will help you score the best finds!

Returns? Yes! (All items are subject to a $1.99 restocking fee)


Depop is a mobile marketplace that enables individuals to buy and sell their items on iOS and Android platforms, with a clean and easy to use app and high quality photos of listed items.


  • Shipping is calculated per item (making it cheaper at times). + they ship internationally!

  • Ability for seller to post a video of the item to see more details of the item

  • You can bundle & save on orders shipping from a single closet. Most cases there is a percentage off if you buy more than 2 items

  • Sellers post good quality photos & you can message sellers directly


  • No new listing notifications

  • Some vintage items might be priced very high if they're on trend


  • Compare prices for “vintage” items to avoid over-paying

  • Messaging the seller can help you negotiate/score some savings on shipping!

Hot Take:

  • Depop is a great platform to find quality pieces, and creates an overall experience for the buyer and seller. The seller to buyer communication and modern feel of the app makes it easy to score sweet second hand finds.

Returns? Dependent on the seller - Depop does offer a Buyer Protection policy!


The RealReal is an online marketplace for authenticated luxury consignment. Based on the circular economy, The RealReal sells consigned clothing, fine jewelry, watches, fine art and home decor.


  • authenticated luxury consignment - guaranteed excellent/good condition for items

  • Great prices compared to estimated retail value

  • Upfront selling service, get paid immediately for your items

  • Men's & women's sections


  • Some customers have reported issues with contacting customer service

  • Very expensive luxury goods, still targeting a high-end market making it less accessible to some consumers


  • If you’re into luxury goods and using this consistently, the platform offers membership tiers ranging from $10-$30/mo that gives you curated looks and early access to items

Hot Takes:

  • All around this is a great re-commerce platform and guaranteed good condition for all of their goods. It’s also a great site if you are looking to invest in some quality lifelong pieces for less. The longevity of wear of their luxury goods also promotes a more circular economy (ie. you can get more life out of each item vs. a second hand fast fashion item)

Returns? Yes!


Thrilling is an online marketplace of vintage and secondhand items from the best boutiques across the United States. Thrilling currently partners with over 400 stores in more than 100 cities. Thrilling makes it fun and easy to find unique, high-quality vintage clothing online—no matter what you’re looking for.


  • Works with other small indie & vintage resellers, as well as physical shops, to expand their reach

  • Easy to use website with clear photo listings

  • Mens & womens sections!


  • Might be higher prices than places like Depop or Poshmark, however the selection on Thrilling is much more unique

  • Not the best platform to search by brand, a bit more of the “thrill of the hunt” philosophy to mirror the experience of shopping in an actual vintage store


  • Use filters to help sort since they have such a large inventory ranging in different brands/sizes!

Hot Takes:

  • Thrilling has a great platform for indie thrifters looking for funky vintage pieces! It also connects small second hand shops to a more accessible online platform, broadening the reach as a seller and consumer.

Returns? Yes!


Mercari is an online marketplace where buyers can work directly with the seller to find some new treasures. Similar to Facebook Marketplace, Mercari has an extensive inventory ranging from clothing to sporting goods to home decor.


  • Broad range of items (clothes, electronics, sporting gear, etc)

  • Affordable prices

  • Flexible shipping options


  • Some items are very well-used and might not be in optimal condition, however this creates an excellent marketplace for bargain hunters too

  • Limited search filters


  • Since you are working directly with the seller, be wary of the condition of items. Mercari does offer a Buyer Protection policy, which makes this a great platform for bargain shoppers and used goods - not just clothing!

Hot Takes:

  • Mercari offers a wide variety of goods and prices making this a platform accessible to all! Get good at navigating the website to score good deals!

Returns? Returns are based on if the item matches what the seller described, which can be at Mercari’s discretion.


Tradesy is an online peer-to-peer resale marketplace for buying and selling women's fashion. Tradesy has a variety of goods to cater towards any consumer, ranging from everyday items to luxury goods.


  • Easy to use platform

  • Authenticity guarantee for higher end items such as bags & purses

  • Can shop by brand & advanced filters

  • Returns available on all items


  • Commission rate is high for the seller, which is sometimes reflected in buyer costs too

  • Some consumers & sellers have experienced customer service issues


  • Utilize the favorites button to wait for price drops!

Hot Takes:

  • Tradesy is a great platform for luxury goods, with a very wide price range to help make luxury goods more accessible. Overall this is a very clean and easy to use platform!

Returns? Yes!


Curtsy in a re-commerce platform for women to resell used and old items. The platform highlights trendy pieces and popular brands, making it easy to find dupes for popular items.


  • Great customer service for buyers and sellers

  • Reasonable shipping fees

  • Good prices, frequent sales & trendy pieces

  • Referral bonus for a friend - give $10, get $10


  • Very catered towards young adult women with trendy brands, not catered towards a large audience

  • Designed to be mobile-first so it works best on your phone or Chrome


  • Take advantage of sales going on in the app! This could score you savings on name brand items such as Birkenstock, Nike, Gymshark, etc.

Hot Takes:

  • Curtsy is a great platform for college aged/young women, offering trendy pieces for a cheaper price. Checking the app often will be in your favor to catch new arrivals!

Returns? No, all sales are final.


Honorable Mentions

Major brands are now releasing re-commerce platforms for second hand versions of their most popular items, or even better, past styles/prints (HELLO vintage Patagonia)! Patagonia's Worn Wear collection is one of the pioneers to offer a second hand inventory for their consumers. Levi's Secondhand and Lululemon's Lulu Like New platforms are also great spots to find your favorite pieces from the brands you know and love.

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