Last Minute Thrift-able Halloween Costumes

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Halloween parties are already starting and you barely have enough time to get a costume! Well don’t panic, Beni can help.

So you were invited to a last minute Halloween party? Or not so last minute but you just put off getting a costume cause you’d “figure something out” closer to the date? Instagram and TikTok are full of ads for cute, easy costumes from fast fashion brands and OK WE’RE TEMPTED TOO. But, as Beni users, we know these pieces will only get worn once and then never again. There are many ways to find secondhand pieces to make your costume or, if you do fall in love with a store-bought costumer, check Beni first to see if you can get the same one secondhand! (Beni works on ASOS, Dolls Kill, and many other sites)

Here are some 2021 Halloween costume ideas that are easy to thrift and won’t leave you with random clothes you’ll probably never wear again. These may actually already be in your closet! And if not, Beni’s got you:

1. Ghostbusters

A group costume always adds production value and we’re talking low effort, last minute, but feel free to be a solo ghostbuster. All you need is a secondhand beige jumpsuit if you think you’ll wear it again, work gloves and a backpack with a tube coming out of it (or maybe carry around a handheld vacuum).


Jumpsuits are SO EASY for halloween costumes and are kind of a normal thing to wear in general, so pick your fave color jumpsuit and that’s your costume:

  • Beige - you’re Ghostbusters

  • Green/Grey - that’s a flight suit and you can wear Aviators and be Top Gun

  • Blue - throw on a cowboy hat and you’re Jeff Bezos the “astronaut”

  • Pink - Squid Game guard

  • Brown - add a beige scarf and a nose plug and you’re a Fremen from Dune

  • Black - walk backwards and be from Tenet?

When in doubt, get a (secondhand) jumpsuit!

2. Wednesday Adams

Yes this is extremely basic, but that’s kind of the point, so you’ll wear it again! I’m not even going to link you a white collared shirt, but here are some cheap secondhand black dresses like the ones below from thredUP: