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Secondhand Active Wear for the New Year

Let's be honest, during the pandemic most of us have probably shifted our style of clothing in one way or another to find more comfortability. (Round of applause if you made it through this pandemic without buying at least one piece of athleisure clothing👏) The activewear market has exploded over the years, becoming a 160 billion dollar industry as of 2020. (1)

As a result, secondhand athletic wear has attracted a large following in the resale market - with brands like Lululemon, Nike and adidas being some of the most widely searched brands on recommerce platforms like Poshmark and Mercari. Since athletic wear has grown into an extremely popular clothing market, many "basic" items have become increasingly expensive in recent years. It's no surprise savvy shoppers are looking for a better deal on a $118 pair of leggings or a $68 sports bra. Here are the top trends in activewear, and the best ways to score secondhand staples for the new year!


There's no secret that lululemon products are coveted in the resale market. According to Well & Good, "Athleisure is one of the most-popular categories on Poshmark, with Nike and Lululemon consistently remaining top sellers on the platform." (2) ThredUp also shows similar data, and other in demand athleisure brands include Under Armour and Athleta.

"Based on my research, Mercari seems like the best resale app to find affordable, stylish Lululemon. The $25-$50 price range has a ton of cute yoga pants, shorts, sports bras, tank tops, jackets, and more" says Brianna Bohacs, (3) who actually ran a study to specifically see how Lululemon ranks on different re-commerce platforms. Yes, the lululemon fan base is no joke.

Beni Tip: To find more neutral lululemon items, search on trendy platforms such as Depop. Older items with more seasonal prints & less popularity may be found on sites like Poshmark for a lower price.

Pro Tip: Shop how you normally would and let Beni do the work for you.

Streetwear - Stock X & GOAT

The land of Stock X and GOAT has created an entirely new resale component to streetwear. These websites have users out bidding each other for a pair of vintage Air Jordans or the newest Yeezy collection every single day. However, the exclusivity of these sites and hype from their fanbase has resulted in some pretty steep prices. Shoppers can still browse sites like The Real Real, which has a particularly large selection of men's adidas, or Mercari to find a reasonably priced selection of secondhand items from top activewear brands.

Brand Driven Re-commerce Platforms

Brands have taken notice of their effect on the market, and two of the biggest activewear companies have now introduced their own resale platforms - a big win for the circular fashion space. Nike has released Nike Refurbished and lululemon introduced their lululemon Like New collection where customers can send back their lightly used products and browse their favorite pieces from the brands they know and love.

lululemon Like New

According to Florine Beauloye from Luxe Digital, "Brands have an interest in making sure that their premium goods are always displayed thoughtfully, including in the secondhand market." (4) By gaining control of their own secondhand market, brands like lululemon and Nike are able to show their commitment to sustainability and back the longevity promise of their product.


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