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Team Beni's Secondhand Holiday Gift Guide

It's 2021. This is the year you're looking to buy secondhand gifts for your loved ones! What better way to show them (and the planet) that you care, right?

This year, skip the hours of scrolling for that perfect secondhand item and let Beni help you! All you have to do is shop online as you normally would and we'll search resale and re-commerce marketplaces to find the best secondhand options for you! Still haven't downloaded our extension? Click here to join.

If you're still looking for inspiration of what to gift, we've got you covered. We asked each member of the Beni team to share ideas for secondhand gifts they're looking for this year. We hope this inspires a seamless, secondhand shopping experience this holiday season.


Here's our 2021 Beni Staff Curated Secondhand Holiday Gift Guide!

Sarah (Co-founder & CEO)

"I've been in the market for classic gold jewelry which can be great to find on secondhand sites like The Real Real or Tradesy!"

Classic gold jewelry is a staple, and we love timeless pieces here at Beni. Staple jewelry makes a great gift as it typically lasts longer than a cheaply made gift of lesser quality. Luckily, with Beni, you can get the quality without paying a premium.


Kate (Marketing Director)

"My mom loves scarves and I’d love to find her a nice cashmere scarf!"

Scarves, like this cozy one pictured from J.Crew, can easily be purchased from websites such as Poshmark & Mercari! Luxurious silk and cashmere scarves can also be found at a local thrift store for a fraction of the cost!


Celine (Co-founder & CTO)

"Women's wetsuits for surfing are always expensive and hard to find, even new! If I found one secondhand for my bestie or even for myself, I'd get pretty stoked!"

Wetsuits can be pretty expensive, and many are barely even used when posted on re-commerce sites like Poshmark and eBay.

And you're in luck, since Billabong, RVCA, and Roxy are supported merchants on Beni, you can gift that special surfer in your life something meaningful!


Leila (Software Engineer)

"I think a cool secondhand gift might be a nice wallet or makeup bag from a site like The RealReal because it's not size specific - making it easier for those worried about returns!"

A designer wallet or makeup bag can easily be found on sites such as thredUp or Tradesy - a classic piece!


Caroline (Digital Marketing Specialist)

"Living by the beach, I live in my Patagonia Nanopuff. Patagonia is an easy brand to find secondhand and this jacket is warm and such good quality - it's timeless."

One browse on REI and Beni will be sure to provide secondhand alternatives for all of Patagonia's best selling jackets!

Pro tip: you can find cool vintage ones on sites like Depop!

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