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Winter Wardrobe Staple: The Perfect Coat

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

You already have to deal with the cold weather, why should you also pay a pretty penny for the right winter clothes? This season, skip the steep price tags & fast fashion alternatives and let Beni find your next staple winter coat - secondhand!

Don't take our word for it, continue scrolling to see how our Beni users are styling their secondhand winter coats!

Everlane Trench Coat

Julie was in search of the Everlane Modern Trench Coat, but knew she could find something more affordable. Just a few scrolls on the Everlane website & our Beni extension found Julie numerous secondhand options for this coveted trench coat. Here's how much Julie saved:

Original price - $148

Beni price - $120

Platform Used: Poshmark

"I'm OBSESSED with the items I got through Beni!" -Julie

Aritzia The Super Puff Jacket

There's nothing more satisfying than finding the exact item you want secondhand - and this was Elisabeth's case when searching for The Super Puff Jacket™ from Aritzia! Elisabeth utilized our catered size feature to help find the perfect fitting puffer jacket. Here's how much Elisabeth saved:

Original price - $298

Beni price - $165

Platform Used: Poshmark

“As someone with two dogs to walk during Chicago winters, I’ve been eyeing high end parkas and puffers for years, but could never justify the cost - especially of the well-known (and beautiful) TNA Super Puff coats from Aritzia. I was SO excited when Beni found a second hand, never worn authentic Super Puff for a third of the cost in the color and size I’ve wanted! The extension made it super easy to shop sustainably - something I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise!”
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