New Beni features

Hey Beni beta users!  As you may have noticed, Beni has a bit of new look.  Look for our icon          on your browser to use the extension.  We also added a new feature: Size Profiles! Now you can save your preferred sizes so you only see results that will be a good fit.  

Reminder: For now, Beni only works on clothing & accessories.  


Expand the extension screen to see more options at once

        tag indicates products that are most similar to your search 

Beni new OV dress.png

Filter on color, size, and brand similarity

Set your size preferences in your size profile so all results are in your size

Save your favorite items and review them all in one place 

best find.png


Easily set and save size preferences for you and your family


We are constantly working to make Beni better, but this is a process. 

There will definitely still be bugs so please report any you find and share your feedback: