Next, make sure Beni can search while you shop

  • Tap "review" in the top right
  • Select "Always Allow"
  • Choose "Every Website"
  • Start shopping, and tap the Beni icon to see secondhand deals!
An animation describing privacy options required to use the Beni Extension. Allow for one Day is most restrictive. You'll need to give Beni permissions each day you use it to see secondhand alternatives. Always Allow on This Website gives permission for the extension to search for secondhand alternatives on a specific site. You'll need to give Beni permission any time you want to shop somewhere new. Always Allow on Every Website lets Beni run on any merchant site to search for alternatives, and you won't need to grant permission each time. You can always update your permission setting later.
We take privacy and security seriously. Beni collects anonymized data only to build and improve your product experience, and only on supported merchant sites.