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See the best resale deals while you shop

Beni curates the best deals from over 50 resale sites, so you can shop more sustainably and enjoy up to 90% OFF retail prices. Download today!

150+ reviews
Trusted by 35k+ users
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'Beni Is Creating An 'Easy Button' for Secondhand Shopping'
'The rumors are true. Pre-loved shopping has never been easier!'
'Beni Makes Secondhand Shopping Frictionless'
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Find resale deals while you shop

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150+ reviews
Trusted by 35k+ users
Beni makes shopping secondhand SO easy. It nudges me when I forget and I'm simply online shopping. It sends me finds based on what I've already been looking for. It's a game changer for anyone who is looking to shop more sustainably.
Ale T.
Gamechanger of a Chrome extension! The similarities between what I'm looking for and what it finds is incredible.
Julie T.
This extension is AWESOME - I've always wanted to shop second hand but didn't know how to start nor do I like thrift stores. Now I can easily shop second hand ONLINE - stellar product!
Tayo D.
This is the MOST useful extension ever!
I don't know how I shopped before Beni :)
Sofie T.
Beni is great - very helpful in navigating the world of re-commerce. It also helps me prioritize sustainability in my day-to-day shopping, which is a great added bonus.
Eric B.
Jacqueline saved $53 on Theory blazer
Leila saved $42 on Madewell jeans
Sarah saved $120 on Franco Sarto loafer
Jenna saved $57 on a Reformation Dress
Kate saved $42 on a Hunza G swimsuit
Jennifer saved $80 on an Away suitcase
Emily saved $112 on a pair of Gucci loafers
Francesca saved $32 on a Levi's jacket
Hillary saved $68 on a pair of Frye boots

Deals from 50+ resale sites, all in one place

Beni finds you the best secondhand deals on the internet so you can easily find pre-loved versions of that thing you want, no matter where you shop online. View full list of partners >


See exact matches and similar items

With 200M+ listings in our inventory, we’re able to find just about anything secondhand. If an exact match doesn’t exist, we'll show you similar styles that might also be a good fit.


Break up with fast fashion for good

Finally get the quality you deserve while spending within your budget and doing something good for the planet, that’s what we call a win-win-win!  Learn more about our impact

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150+ reviews
Trusted by 35k+ users
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