unlocks the magic
of re-commerce

Buy secondhand without changing how you shop

Beni is a browser extension that curates the
best alternatives from 14+ different 
secondhand marketplaces in the click of a button

The Beni Effect

When buying new is old and buying used is new
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Browse your favorite brands on their website

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We'll find secondhand
alternatives for you

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We All Save

Save money and the planet with one easy click

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"Getting my dress secondhand through Beni could not have been easier - I got it for half the price, and I felt great about it from a sustainability perspective."

- Catherine

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"The extension made it super easy to shop secondhand - something I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise!”

- Elisabeth

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Such an easy way to do my part buying my jacket secondhand with Beni – and for less money. Such a win!"

- Laura

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“I love my options I got through Beni! The shirt was actually a better brand and cheaper.”

- Julie