Privacy Policy

Last updated October 11, 2021


This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) explains how Benefact(or) Inc. (“Beni” or “we”) collects and processes information from members and users of the website, software applications, and other online services we provide. Beni’s products include, but are not limited to, the Beni extension for web browsers (the “Extension”) and the website located at (the “Website).


Our goal at Beni is to make secondhand shopping simple. We do that through providing shoppers like you with a browser extension that surfaces curated alternatives from secondhand marketplaces while in the flow of shopping. That’s how we make money - if you decide you like any of our secondhand alternatives enough to make a purchase, the recommerce retailer (Poshmark, ThredUP, TheRealReal, etc) will sometimes pay us a fee. 


Like most other online services, Beni is able to track your purchase with a cookie (could include cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, and other markers). These “cookies” help us operate our products, analyze engagement and usage, and provide a relevant and personalized experience. 


We have no reason to sell your information. So how do we use your data?


In order to provide you with the best relevant alternatives, we analyze the page you’re looking at for information about the product. Beni ONLY works on supported merchant sites, and therefore we do not collect any data from sites that are not within our list of supported merchants. 


Additionally, we’d like to provide you with a product that you will actually use. Since we’re a data-driven product development company, we collect limited information associated with your profile and how you interact with our product to ensure that our products are working correctly, and to allow us to continue to develop, improve, and market our services. The data that we collect on your profile is anonymized in such a way that it doesn’t identify you and can’t be attributed to you. 

Your profile is associated with your Google user data, namely your name and email address, which we collect upon initial sign-on with our application. We only collect your name and email address for the purposes of storing your other profile data with you (this could include your sizes and other default filters or your style preferences). We do this because relying on Google for user authentication ultimately is more secure than storing a username and password associated with your profile, in case of a data breach. 


If we ever need additional personal information for a specific reason, we will tell you and ask for your permission. Also, to the extent that Beni links to other websites (like recommerce retailers), please note that we do not own, operate, or control them, and they have their own controlling privacy policies that you should review.


Beni takes your privacy seriously, and cares deeply about transparency. However, if you want to stop using Beni, you can uninstall the extension from your Chrome browser. If you have any other issues, questions or comments about our privacy policy, you can reach out to us at ​