How Beni Works

Beni is a browser extension that curates alternatives from 14+ different secondhand marketplaces.

Download & pin the extension on your browser.

After you download Beni from the extension store, pin it to your browser so it's always there for you. 

Beni is currently only available on Chrome. 

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Click on Beni once you've found a product you love.

Shop on your favorite retail sites as you normally would. When you find a product you love, click the Beni  icon on your browser to generate options. 


We'll find options from secondhand sites. 

Filter for your size and hover over the image to browse around in the extension. When you see something you like, click view and we'll open another window for that product. You can also save items with the heart to come back to later. 

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Beni brings the world of re-commerce straight to your browser

We partner with recommerce sites like: 
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