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While you’re shopping, you’ll see Beni on your shopping window and in your browser bar.  When you are on a product page, we search through our database to find a similar resale item. Simply click on Beni to see the resale options we find.

make beni
work for you

shop smarter, not harder

Set a search alert for your dream item - we will message you when we find the perfect resale match

the right size, every time

We know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect item in the wrong size.  Save your preferred sizes to your profile so you always get the right size.

use your heart ❤️

When you favorite item, we will save it to your profile for you to buy later (but remember, resale deals move fast).

We take privacy security seriously. Beni collects anonymized data only to build and improve your product experience, and only on supported merchant sites.

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