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#2: Beni is on a mission

Kate Sanner

Welcome back for week 2, great to see you here!

We're giving our website a facelift and in the process we've been having some great conversations about the mission we're on here at Beni and thought it would be fun to give you guys a sneak peak.  If you're excited about making resale the norm, help out by sharing this with a friend!


👀 In Case You Missed It:

Beni recently took the stage at SXSW in Austin to discuss how technology will shape the future of fashion.  Click here to listen in.


🎉 Someone to Follow: @clotheshorsepodcast

@clotheshorsepodcast has really thoughtful and well-researched content about all things slow fashion.  She breaks topics down in a digestible way, and the cute graphics don't hurt either!


📚 Food for Thought:

🎙 Some Weekend Listening:

Earth 911 Podcast: Our very own Sarah Pinner talks about Making Shopping for Reused Clothing Fashionable.  An oldie but a goodie -- give it a listen here.


💡Tips for Donating Your Clothes:

So you just cleaned out your closet and now have a bag of clothes to get rid of.  Here are some quick tips to make sure your donations go to good use:

1. Research donation centers: Research a few local charities or organizations in your area that accept donations. Check the organization’s website to see what kind of items they are accepting and if they have any special requirements for donations.

2. Wash and clean clothes before donating: Make sure the clothes you donate are clean and in good condition so they will be useful to those receiving them.

3. Sort your items: If you’re looking to donate clothing items with a higher monetary value, such as used designer clothes, consider consigning them at a local thrift store or reseller. This way you can get some money for your donation and help support the store or organization in need.

4. Call ahead: For large donations, call ahead  to make sure the organization is able to accept them. This will ensure that your donation does not go to waste and is used for its intended purpose.

5. Donate seasonally appropriate items: Consider donating items that have a seasonal use, such as winter coats or bathing suits. This way, the donations will be useful for those in need when they are most needed.


📣 Partner Spotlight: The RealReal

If you're new to resale and love a little bit of luxe then The RealReal is for you!  They have amazing deals on everything from designer handbags, to funky coats, to dresses that will make you the spotlight at any wedding (besides the bride of course)!

🔥 Popular Brands: Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Dior

⭐️ Beni Tip:  Don't sleep on designer resale -- there is amazing inventory out there so even though you're splurging, you can still save!

🛍 The Nitty Gritty: The RealReal is a managed marketplace, which means that when you buy something it isn't being sent by an individual seller but is coming from The RealReal directly.  This allows them to (1) accept returns and (2) authenticate.  


Just for Fun:

🎵 Song I can't stop listening to: Good vibes in Changes from Joy Oladokun

😂 Something that made me laugh: This TikTok called #recesstherapy

🧑‍🍳 What I want to eat this weekend: It's still cold in Chicago and this Bell Pepper Tuna Melt looks yummy!

❤️ Brand of the week: We met the founder of Della Terra at SXSW and fell in love!


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