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#6: Repair or replace? That is the question.

Kate Sanner

How often do you replace something instead of repairing it?  If you said “often,” you’re not alone.  In our current economy, it’s much easier and cheaper to replace items instead of repairing them - and that’s probably not your fault.

But repairing instead of replacing products is an important part of promoting a circular economy.

And brands like Fairphone and Sojo are leading the way by offering repair services and promoting self-repair.

Fairphone's latest smartphone, the Fairphone 4, comes with a five-year warranty and the ability for customers to replace parts themselves. Sojo offers repair and alteration services for clothing and picks up items from customers' doorsteps.

These brands are fighting against the throwaway culture and preventing goods and materials from ending up in landfills or oceans.

Other brands like Apple (self-service repair program), Arc’teryx (a circular initiative called ReBird), and Patagonia(clothing repair program) are also making efforts to promote repairability and durability.

The brands are getting an official push as well. In December 2022, New York became the first US state to pass a law guaranteeing the right to repair, encouraging other states to follow suit.

These steps are a promising glimpse into a future where repairability is a key element of product design.

What was the last thing that you repaired instead of replacing it?

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Tips to spot more sustainable companies

Has this Earth Day inspired you to support more sustainable companies?

Here are some tips to help you separate those with genuine sustainable practices from those with greenwashing gimmicks:

Check the facts: Do some research to find out if the company's claims are actually backed up by evidence. Look for certifications, third-party audits, or transparent information about their supply chain.

🙌 Look at the big picture: Does the company's overall business model support sustainability, or are they just making a few token efforts to seem eco-friendly?

🙅‍♀️ Beware of vague language: Does the company use buzzwords like "green," "eco," or "natural" without providing any specific details about what that means? Be wary of marketing language that sounds good but doesn't actually tell you much.

💸 Follow the money: Is the company investing in sustainability initiatives, or are they just using it as a marketing tool? Look for evidence of real financial commitments to sustainability, such as investments in renewable energy or sustainable supply chain practices.

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