Beni x Grailed: A Personal Style Partner For Vintage Gems & Contemporary Favorites


We started Beni to help you get the brands you love for less through resale. We're able to deliver on that promise by partnering with 40+ leading resale marketplaces that each offer a unique value to our platform — from the inventory they carry to the process they use to authenticate resale items.

Read on to learn more about our partner, Grailed.

Tell us about Grailed.

Grailed is a trusted platform for personal style, connecting a global community of over 10M+ style enthusiasts. Explore curated collections featuring millions of menswear and womenswear pieces from 10K+ designers. Whether you're looking to buy coveted pieces, sell pre-loved items from your closet, or discover the latest trends, you can do it with confidence on Grailed.

How did you get started?

Grailed was founded in 2013 during a pivotal moment in the evolution of menswear. Our mission is to democratize fashion by providing a centralized platform to empower a thriving community of enthusiasts to explore their personal style. Through this goal, we bridge the gap between buyers and sellers, ensuring access to the best pieces and prices.

Over the years, Grailed has solidified its position as a leading fashion resale platform through enhanced platform features, expansion of product offerings, and integration into a global platform under the GOAT Group.

As Grailed continues to evolve, our commitment to community and personal style remains unwavering and at the core of our mission. These values continue to drive our business forward and inspire us to push the boundaries of what Grailed can offer. We are enthusiastic about the future of the fashion resale market and the opportunities it presents for both Grailed and our dedicated community.

What makes your site unique?

Grailed is the platform for personal style. Our platform offers our community tools to tailor their shopping experience to their unique preferences. Grailed is your destination for uncovering the most exclusive fashion grails, from vintage gems to contemporary favorites.

Grailed is a living, breathing fashion archive. Pieces from the past and present coexist to create a unique snapshot of the current state of style. The platform serves as a connector between sellers and buyers to one-of-a-kind pieces, and the entire community to the forefront of style and culture.

Fill in the blank: “If you’re looking for _______________, our site is the best place to find it.”

A curated selection of the best luxury, archive, vintage and streetwear, styles from the past and present.

What describes your core shopper?

Enthusiast, Style-forward, Discerning, Community-Oriented, Individualistic, Creative.

What items are you most excited about on your site this holiday season?

Miu Miu 1999 Leather Crossbody Bag

Maison Margiela 1999 Painted Tabi Boots
Jean Paul Gaultier Marlene Dietrich Spiral Mesh Shirt
Prada Chrome Wave Sunglasses
Prada Check Mohair Utility Vest

Dior Vintage Saddle Bag

Want a personal style all your own? Visit Grailed to discover more pre-loved Miu Miu, Prada, Dior, and more!