Beni x Her-Age: The Secondhand Luxury Partner with NFT Certification


We started Beni to help you get the brands you love for less through resale. We're able to deliver on that promise by partnering with 40+ leading resale marketplaces that each offer a unique value to our platform — from the inventory they carry to the process they use to authenticate resale items.

Read on to learn more about our partner, Her-Age.

Tell us about Her-Age.

Her-Age is a fully managed marketplace having at its core Blockchain-based NFT certification for eligible items. We provide our buyers and sellers with a safe platform to buy and sell pre-owned luxury goods. We take care of everything, from authentication to pricing and shipping, creating a hassle-free experience encouraging our customers to shop consciously.

How did you get started?

Her-Age was born in 2020 in Milan, co-founded by Alessandro Berna, Alba Figueras De La Parte and Ataman Ersan. With a vast cultural and professional background, Her-Age developed a dedicated team working towards making the shopping experience more meaningful and unique by focusing on its main business core, which is quality over quantity.

What makes your site unique?

Her- Age is unique at it’s authentication method since we make sure to provide our customers with free NFT Certification, having a zero fake policy for eligible items. On Her-Age, you can’t list anything you want: there is an approval process for items to be listed. This definitely helps us give quality product offers. Her-Age is proud of its curated vintage and secondhand selection that it was able to build in a few years, and it's continuously growing and expanding; from sourcing runway pieces to very special couture creations. 

Our main priority is to provide our customers and sellers with a trustable experience and transpire authenticity.

Fill in the blank: “If you’re looking for _______________, our site is the best place to find it.”

Rare, vintage, ready-to-wear runway and couture pieces.

What describes your core shopper?

Chic & Rare, Style-Ages, Authentic

What items are you most excited about on your site this holiday season?

Hermes Box Calf Evelyne I PM - '10s
Prada Crystal-Embellished Satin Sandals - '10s

Fendi Leather Micro Baguette Bag - '10s
Valentino Maroon & Brown Boucle Wool Skirt Suit- '80s
Chanel Red Tweed Flap Bag - '20s
Chanel CC Drop Earrings - '10s
HERMES Boots Jumping
Prada Geometric Print Double Breasted Jacket - '10s

Want more? Visit Her-Age to discover more pre-loved Prada, Hermès, Chanel, Valentino and more!