Beni x Menswear Market: High-End Menswear Consignment at a Fraction of Retail Price


We started Beni to help you get the brands you love for less through resale. We're able to deliver on that promise by partnering with 40+ leading resale marketplaces that each offer a unique value to our platform — from the inventory they carry to the process they use to authenticate resale items.

Read on to learn more about our partner, Menswear Market.

Tell us about Menswear Market.

Menswear Market is an online consignment store. We sell the full spectrum of higher quality menswear, from tailored clothing to athleisure.

How did you get started?

We started in 2011, when suits and sport coats were rising in popularity, a trend fueled mostly by the internet, and partly by the TV show Mad Men. I needed to sell some jackets and shoes from my own wardrobe, so I used my eBay account and frankly I found the process of selling online engaging. So I decided to offer consignment as a service, specifically in the menswear category. When our website went live, calls began coming in from interested sellers around the country. We started selling a lot of high end suits and then expanded to the more casual pieces and activewear items that we’re currently stocking today.

What makes your site unique?

Follow our website and you’ll find unexpected items of very high quality. We occasionally partner with sellers who have unusual taste, and they supply us with jaw-dropping luxury items, in addition to the designer clothing staples that we sell at a bargain price.

Fill in the blank: “If you’re looking for _______________, our site is the best place to find it.”

If you’re looking for high end Italian clothing from Isaia, Brunello Cucinelli, or Eleventy at a small fraction of retail price, our site is the best place to find these.

What describes your core shopper?

Smart, tasteful, thrifty

What items are you most excited about on your site this holiday season?

Givenchy Paris Suit Size 43 (EU54) Black Chalk Stripe Wool 2-Button
Brunello Cucinelli x Oliver Peoples Men Jep Sunglasses Workman Gray

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