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Beni x wearwell: The One-Stop Shop for Sustainable, Ethically Made Items


We started Beni to help you get the brands you love for less through resale. We're able to deliver on that promise by partnering with 40+ leading resale marketplaces that each offer a unique value to our platform — from the inventory they carry to the process they use to authenticate resale items.

Read on to learn more about our partner, wearwell.

Tell us about wearwell.

Wearwell is your one-stop shop for sustainable and ethically made clothing, accessories, shoes, secondhand, home goods, and more. Discover thousands of items from brands that meet the very highest impact standards, including secondhand that was sustainably made in the first place. Plus, wearwell is a proud member of 1% for the Planet and an additional 1% of every order is donated to a nonprofit of your choice.

How did you get started?

Our co-founders, Erin and Emily, each spent a decade building careers in social impact. In their free time, they began their journeys to become more sustainable shoppers, spending hours researching brands and learning what it takes to build not just a more sustainable wardrobe, but a more ethical fashion industry overall. Yet, after all this, it still wasn’t possible to shop sustainably on a daily basis because it was too time-consuming to decipher true impact from greenwashing, while also meeting their personal style, budget, and sizing needs. This is why they started wearwell - your one-stop shop for sustainable goods - to make it easier to buy with confidence, knowing you’re supporting brands that have been vetted for fair wages and environmental sustainability.

What makes your site unique?

Everything you’ll find on wearwell is from sustainable brands that have been vetted for the very highest standards of workers’ rights, fair wages, and environmental practices. Our secondhand program - wearwellagain - brings you secondhand that was originally made by sustainable brands. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Fill in the blank: “If you’re looking for _______________, our site is the best place to find it.”

If you’re looking for sustainable clothing, accessories, shoes, and secondhand, our site is the best place to find it.

What describes your core shopper?

Community-minded, Chic, and Intentional

What items are you most excited about on your site this holiday season?

Diana Clasic Shirt
The Sofia - Caramel
Betsy Rib Top
Reece Sweater Pants
Sonny Wallet
Lakeside Wide Leg Jumpsuit
Rhea Rib Crop Top
Connie Crossbody
Bailey Box Top
Srey Handwoven Skirt

Want more? Visit wearwell's wearwellagain program for the best secondhand options originally made by sustainable sources!