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Tips for a Successful (And Sustainable!) Closet Clean Out


Cleaning out your closet can feel like a daunting task—from actually deciding which items you want to get rid of to knowing where to send those items to ensure they’re properly re-used, recycled, or donated.

Lucky for you, we’re all about making your life easier at Beni, so we put together a short guide to streamline the task and help you unleash your inner Marie Kondo in no time.

Photo: @thredup on Instagram

💰️ Sell⁠

Reselling is a great way to give new life to clothes that are still in good condition...and make some extra money in the process. thredUP is a great option for first-time resellers because you can send a bunch of items at once, and the thredUP team will list your items on your behalf. Plus, they'll give you $15 instant thredUP shopping credit if you send your Clean Out Kit back within 30 days.

🤝 Swap⁠

According to the Every Girl, clothing swaps are trending (if you need proof just look up “clothing swap party” on TikTok). Swaps are fun because aside from the snacks and beverages you might end up buying, they’re completely free. Just show up with items that you no longer wear and shop pieces from your friends’ closets!⁠⁠ Ready to host one? Check out the Every Girl’s guide to throwing a clothing swap party of your own.

🤲 Donate⁠

This is a tricky one because, in spite of people’s best intentions, most donated clothing ends up abroad in a landfill. That’s not to say you shouldn’t donate your clothes, but you might want to do some research before simply dropping your clothes off at the nearest donation bin. Give Back Box is one of our favs: just reuse your online shipping boxes to donate gently used clothing, shoes, etc., and they’ll send you a prepaid label to send the box to one of the charities they support.⁠

♻️ Recycle⁠

For the pieces that have run their course, and can’t be sold, swapped or donated — recycle! Trashie offers an easy way to ensure your items are properly recycled and keeps 90% of clothing sent to them out of landfills. Plus, you can earn “Trashie Cash” for sending your clothes, including gift cards, beauty products, travel experiences, and more.⁠

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