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Get to Know Beni:Your Personal Power Thrifter


We’re committed to reducing fashion’s burden on the planet. But how?

Beni is the world’s largest aggregated database of online resale.

We show 50K+ shoppers the best resale deals while they shop their favorite brands online, resulting in customers getting the clothes they want, within their budget, in a sustainable manner.

We meet shoppers where they are.

Through the free Beni browser extension (on desktop and mobile), we alert customers when they’re browsing a specific retail product to let them know we’ve found a resale version of that item.

Through the free Beni mobile app, we let customers access their saved Favorites and Search Alerts on-the-go. We also give app users direct access to our database of 200M resale items so they can look up specific products they want to buy. For instance: Reformation Casette Silk Dress.

We’re making resale accessible to everyone, everywhere.

We believe that everyone deserves access to quality clothes that make them feel good, and we think resale is a great way to make that happen. The problem? Actually finding something you love across 50+ resale sites can take a ton of time, expertise and energy.

Well, it used to. Now Beni is here to bring resale options to you in the click of a button. Magic.

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